Hawaii real estate auction house announces sale of 10 properties for $1.4 million

HAWAII — The HAWAAH Real Estate Auction House announced Monday it has sold 10 properties totaling $1,474,737 for a total of $1.,475,000.

The sale of the 10 properties was announced in a news release by the real estate company.

The company has owned and operated HAWAHouses since 2000.

The 10 properties are located in Maui, Kauai, and Maui County, Hawaii, the company said.

They are listed for sale on the HAWHAW Property website.HAWAAHC has an extensive portfolio of properties in Hawaii.

The company’s holdings include the three largest residential properties in the state, the Kakaako-Kauai-Kona Hotel and Resort, the Maui Skyline Hotel, and the Mauihan Resort and Spa.