A grand jury returns a case against John Wolffer

A grand juror returned a case that could put a convicted killer to death today.

A grand jury in the county of Orange has indicted John Wolsffer on two counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and one count of robbery in connection with the 1981 robbery of a gas station.

Wolffer, who was shot in the neck and torso, is also charged with murder in connection to a 1980 robbery in a nearby motel.

Wolsffer was arrested by Orange police in December 1981 and charged with the crime.

Orange Police Chief John Tappo said Wolsffer is scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial hearing in January.

He has pleaded not guilty.WOLFERS COURT CASEA grand juroring officer, identified as Thomas Wolsfeger, told ABC News that the grand jury returned indictments for murder, attempted murder, robbery and assault.

Wolsman was indicted on three counts, including the second-degree murder charge.

He said that the charges stem from the alleged armed robbery at a gas-station in nearby Lakewood, New Jersey, and that Wolsmeier was a suspect in the 1981 kidnapping of a woman and her daughter in Orange, New York.

Wollers defense attorney, Charles Stroud, said the charges are the result of a grand jury investigation.

Wolls estate lawyer, Edward E. Lapp, told The Associated Press that Wolffers estate will have a conference this afternoon to discuss the grand jurors decision and the possibility of a retrial.

Lapp said that Wollings estate plans to file a motion for an attorney general review of the indictments.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.