How will the NHLPA and NHLPA-controlled NHLPA pay for the NHL’s players to return to Dallas?

With the lockout in full swing and a $10 billion deficit in 2018-19, the NHL has begun to realize that it needs to make changes to its salary structure.

The NHLPA announced Monday that it is calling for an additional $8 billion in cap space for the next three years to fund a plan to reinstate the regular season in 2018, the final year of the new collective bargaining agreement.

But the NHL is also planning to reduce the number of players from 23 to 19 in order to fund its plan, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The reduction in players would cost the league $12.6 million per year, the newspaper said.

The NHL’s owners will likely have to fork over the additional $9.6 billion to cover the $8.9 billion shortfall.

The league has a $2 billion hole in its general fund.

The league also announced it will spend $200 million to provide players with food vouchers, and it has agreed to extend the start of the preseason through Oct. 30.