How to get a real estate license in Hawaii

How do you get a local real estate agent to show up for your rental property when you live in Hawaii?

It’s hard to find an answer that does not involve some form of financial hardship.

And if you’re not eligible for the state’s $50,000-a-year real estate tax credit, it can be even more difficult.

Here’s a quick primer on how to get your local realtor to show you a lease or other documentation for your property.


Contact your local agency, association, or cooperative.

Hawaii’s real estate agency, Hawaii Association of Realtors, is the state agency that regulates real estate agents and manages the real estate industry.

You can also find your state’s housing office for more information on housing matters.

Hawaii has a number of real estate associations and cooperative associations that provide services to homeowners, renters, and renters in various settings, including hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums, and condos.

The association’s website is here.

Hawaii Association for Realtor Services (HAAS) is the realtor licensing agency in Hawaii.

The Association provides general advice on the best way to become licensed.

It’s available at

For more information, call 1-800-772-4422.

You may also call the Association’s Honolulu office at 968-828-2560, or visit their website.

The Hawaiian Association of Real Estate Boards is a board that represents owners of Hawaii residential properties, and is responsible for licensing and overseeing the licensing process for other types of realty.

For additional information, visit the Association website at www,

You will need to provide the following: Your name and address, including city, county, and state.

Your name, address, and phone number.

A signed lease or rental agreement, including the rent payment schedule.

The name and phone numbers of all agents on the board, as well as any members who may be interested in your request.

The names of all other property owners, including those who lease your property from you, and the names of any persons interested in purchasing your property, as required by law.

A copy of any rental agreement or lease in place with you.

An inventory of all relevant information on the property, including your property tax information, property assessment information, and any other relevant information.

The property owner’s contact information.

A letter, signed by a licensed realtor or licensed agent, explaining that your request has been approved, stating that the Board has determined that your application is in accordance with state law, and that the request is being processed and considered by the Board.

This letter must be sent to the address provided in the lease agreement.

The Board will send the application to the property owner, the property manager, or both.

The realtor will receive a response within 30 days.

The response will be in writing and include a copy of the Board’s decision.


Contact the state attorney general’s office, Hawaii Department of Revenue, or the state real estate office for licensing assistance.

The state Department of Finance, which administers the realty tax credit and other real estate assistance programs, is a division of the Hawaii Department (Govt).

For more questions on real estate licensing, visit their web site at or call 1 (800) 671-6999.


Contact a realtor in your area.

A realtor can help you get an application approved for a realty license.

The following websites are recommended for local realtors:,, and are all state agencies that administer real estate.


Contact local brokers, agents, or brokers.

You need to get an agent in your local market.

If you live near a broker, ask your broker to contact you and get your application approved.

In some cases, you may also be able to ask a local broker to show an agent for your home or apartment.

This is called “agent marketing.”

You may have to provide other documents, such as an application for an existing real estate brokerage license, to get this type of help.


Contact realtresses, property managers, or other property managers to find out if you can rent your property or whether you need a new rental agreement.

A good place to start is your realtor, as you may be able get the agent or broker to provide you with a written copy of your lease or lease agreement, and your property manager or broker may be willing to assist.

If the agent is willing to show the lease or agreement, ask him or her to write a letter explaining the terms of the lease, including any other documentation needed to prove that you are the landlord.

You’ll need to do this to prove to the agent that you live with the tenant and are