“I’d like to see a new name for Vermont real-estate”

When the market began to rebound in mid-2016, the condo market in the community had been one of the hottest in the city.

In fact, as a community of roughly 60,000, Vermont was considered a hotbed for young professionals looking to get into the industry.

But then, as the housing market started to tank, Vermonters were hit with a wave of layoffs.

It was a time when the city was struggling with an acute housing shortage and was struggling to meet demand.

And the condo boom in Vermont’s Downtown area had begun to fade.

As a result, many Vermonter condo buyers and renters were being priced out of the market, leading to a large number of Vermont residents and locals being forced out of their homes and onto the streets.

And while the housing crisis and lack of jobs have contributed to the condo and real estate market’s downturn, a new condo development in the area is starting to take the heat off the condo bubble.

On Tuesday, the Vermont Community Development Corp. announced that it would build a new apartment building on the former site of a grocery store.

The new apartment complex, which will have a total of 1,600 units, will be a mixed-use development with more than 500,000 square feet of retail and commercial space.

According to a press release, the project will be called Vermont Park and will feature mixed-income housing, retail, and residential spaces.

The Vermont project is part of the city’s redevelopment plan for Downtown, which aims to improve the area’s “economic vitality and livability,” according to the city of Vermon.

According the city, the development will also include a parkland and open space, a park with bike lanes, a pedestrian bridge over a river and a community meeting space.

The project is expected to open in 2019.

But, the housing shortage in the neighborhood remains a major problem, and it’s unclear if the new development will help alleviate the shortage or just help create more housing.

According a spokesperson for the city: The city’s real estate strategy is to bring affordable, high-quality, and safe housing to Vermont.

It is not an attempt to fix the housing problem in Vermon or the region.

We’re committed to addressing housing in Vermo, and this project will help address that.

But in the meantime, some Vermonts have begun to take to social media to voice their displeasure with the development.

On Facebook, one resident posted a photo of the development and wrote, “Vermont has lost a lot of people, it’s time for a new development.”

And in a post on the Facebook group Vermont Live, another resident commented, “This project will destroy our neighborhoods, and we are pissed.

This is a complete waste of money.

What the hell are we doing in Vermmont?”

In addition, some residents have expressed concerns about the quality of the apartments.

“The apartments are not affordable,” one Vermont commented.

“These condos are not even livable.

There are some units that have been torn down and dumped.

We don’t have the apartments to live in.”

And a local resident, who identified herself as a Vermont resident, told the local news station, “I’m not in Vermons neighborhood anymore.

It’s a waste of time.”

Vermont has been experiencing a housing crisis for a long time.

According, the median home value in Vermouth is around $1 million.

But the condo building’s developer, Bode Miller Real Estate, claims that the development won’t cause a housing shortage.

“We’re going to build a great new development,” Miller Realestate said.

“Vermon is already a great place to live.

We are working with Vermont, the city and other municipalities in the region to create new housing for the residents of Vermont.

This project will not create a housing gap.”

While the developer claims that they will be creating housing for Vermonans who want to live there, there are still a number of questions about the development, including how it will impact Vermonts overall housing situation and how the housing will be built.

“It’s not clear what Vermont is going to look like,” a spokesperson told the LA Times.

“This will be different than the neighborhood around it.

It will be very different than a lot or a lot that is in the Vermon community right now.”

Miller Real estate did not respond to requests for comment on the development from The Verge.