U.S. estate insurance company warns of ‘grave risk’ for Trump’s property

The president of a U.K. insurance company that’s guaranteed Trump’s properties has warned that “grave risk” of “collateral damage” could arise from a potential collision between Trump’s buildings and the National Flood Insurance Program.

In a letter obtained by CNN, KPMG warned that the Trump Organization is “considering the possibility of collision between its building and the U.N. or U.F.P.P.”

The letter, which was dated Monday, was sent to Trump’s attorneys.KPMG said that “any collision between your property and the United Nations or UF.

T.P.,” or the National Response and Recovery Program, would be catastrophic.”

It is important to stress that, as with any construction project, the risk to the public is very high,” KPMGS wrote.

“The risk of such a collision is very much in excess of what the insured would incur, given the circumstances.”

The firm added that “a possible collision of your property with the UF, U.R.P., or UFRP would not only be a catastrophic event for the United States, but for all of the other parties involved as well.”

The company’s letter came as the president of KPMGE warned that he “cannot predict the impact of the collision and therefore cannot be 100 percent certain.”KPMGE, based in London, said in a statement that it “believes that it is the responsibility of the government and private insurers to be vigilant in the face of possible collision.”