US estate liquidation fund launches in California

The estate liquidator that is running the estate sale for the family of one of California’s most notorious and high-profile murders has been closed by creditors.

In a statement, the estate liquidated estate of the late former governor Jerry Brown called it a “crisis” and said it was not a viable option.

“This is a crisis for the State of California and its people,” the statement said.

The estate liquidating estate has been operating in the Los Angeles office of the estate attorney at the request of the Brown family, who said they have been in a constant state of crisis, in large part due to the family’s ongoing financial struggle.

The family’s estate liquidates properties in the West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills areas, as well as in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

In its statement, Brown’s estate said it would no longer seek to liquidate any of the property in the Beverly Hills area.

The estate also said it had closed the Los Altos home.

A spokeswoman for the Los Aro family, whose former son, John Aro, was the lead investigator on the murder case, said the estate had taken the family “seriously” over the past several months.

The Aros had filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014.

California is the second state to consider ending the estate-sale process after Los Angeles, where the Brown estate sold the home of former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

California law requires the estate to sell the property and pay creditors of the deceased family in full within 60 days.

California also requires the executor of the death to be in charge of the liquidation of the dead’s estate.