‘We’re very proud’: Flagstaff, Arizona home worth $300,000 to be sold for $1.4 million

Flagstaff is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation.

But the real estate market is only as good as the supply and demand.

The real estate industry is booming.

So much so that, according to a recent CNNMoney article, Flagstaff could sell for $300 million.

This is an article of interest to the realtors.

Flagstaff Real Estate, an upscale hotel, apartment and condominium complex, has been listed for $8 million in an all-cash transaction.

The buyer is expected to pay about $400,000 more for the property than what it was listed for.

This property was purchased in 2015 for $7.2 million, which is a 30% discount from the market price of the property.

But now, the price is expected a little lower, and Flagstaff would be selling for $700,000 less than what its listing said it was for.

There is some controversy about the property’s real estate valuation.

The Flagstaff Tribune reported in November that the realtor who sold the property was paid $100,000 a year for the work.

The property was valued at $9.5 million.

That is not the case with other properties that have been sold for similar prices.

However, some of the properties that are listed for sale are actually being sold for substantially more money.

The other reason why the property could be selling at such a discount is because the realty market is very strong.

Flagfield real estate is just one of several properties that is being sold in the Flagstaff area.

This year, the area saw the largest number of new construction starts, with 6,829.

Flagpointe is the second most-populated county in the state.

It has the third-highest number of hotel rooms per capita, behind only Flagstaff and Mesa.

Flagland has the highest number of condominiums per capita in the U.S. Flagwood is home to many of the top restaurants in the country, as well as many of Flagstaff’s biggest corporations.

It also hosts the Flagmont Trail, a major urban and recreational trail that runs through the heart of the area.

There are also many popular sports teams and events.

This area is known for its restaurants, bars and entertainment.

However: Flagstaff County is in the middle of the fastest-growing metro area in the United States.

That’s according to the latest U.