Montana real-estate booksellers to boost profits amid economic downturn

Montana is the latest state to expand real estate sales in recent years, with new listings for homes, condos and townhomes increasing more than 6% annually in the last two years.

Real-estate companies have reported a 6.4% increase in revenue, according to the latest figures released by the Montana Real Estate Association, citing data from the Montana Department of Revenue.

In recent years the number of sales has skyrocketed.

In 2013, the industry reported $4.2 billion in sales, a 2.5% increase from 2012.

Montana’s state sales tax has gone up by 10% since 2011.

The state has the third-highest real-sale price in the country, according, Forbes.

“The real-sales industry has a very robust economy,” Montana Real-Estate Association president Dave Gillett said.

We have a lot more work to do to increase sales tax revenues.” “

This is going to continue to grow over the next several years.

We have a lot more work to do to increase sales tax revenues.”

The Montana Real estate Association reports that the sales tax collected from the sales of homes, condominiums and other types of homes has increased each year since 2013, to $1,000.

Sales tax revenue for all other types and structures is about $200 million a year.

The increase in sales taxes is the result of a tax increase enacted by the legislature in 2016.

It’s one of the most controversial tax increases in Montana history.

The measure passed in a Republican-led legislature with only a single Democratic vote, with Democrats supporting the measure and Republicans voting against it.

In 2017, Montana voters rejected a measure that would have increased the sales and use taxes by 6% over five years.

“Montana is not going to be able to afford to pay for this, so we’re going to have to make sure that we don’t raise taxes again in this environment,” said Gilleitt.

“If we’re not able to keep pace with the economic downturn, then we’re in big trouble.”