Why do some Spanish homeowners buy homes abroad?

Why do Spanish homeowners purchase homes abroad and sell them to Americans?

While Spanish property prices are very high compared to other major European countries, some American homeowners might not be able to afford the price tag of their Spanish home, a survey by the real estate brokerage firm HCI shows.HCI surveyed Spanish buyers and sellers in July and August and found that a third of buyers and a third or more of sellers said they are willing to sell their Spanish homes for US$200,000 (US$200 million) or less.

That compares with only 13% of American buyers and 23% of sellers who said they were willing to buy their homes for $300,000 or less in 2018.

Some buyers are buying their homes in Spanish-speaking countries and selling them to American investors, according to the survey.

Others are buying and selling Spanish-language properties for investment purposes, and are selling their homes abroad.

The survey found that one-third of American homes that were purchased in Spanish were sold to foreigners, while another third of Spanish-owned homes were sold abroad.HCF’s survey of Spanish homeowners was conducted between July 19 and 27.

It has a margin of error of 3.9%, meaning the actual percentage of respondents who said that they would sell their homes to American buyers was higher than the survey’s estimate of 20%.HCI has been conducting surveys on Spanish homebuyers since 2016.

The firm has been collecting real estate data from about 4,000 Spanish-speakers since 2003.