Man wins £50m in the sale of Remax real Estate property

Remax Real Estate in Birmingham, Alabama, has sold its first apartment to a man who used it to run a business. 

The property is owned by a woman and her husband who are both real estate agents. 

Her husband had sold the property to a bank for £2m.

The couple, who live in the area of Woodlawn and Forest Hill, purchased the property from the property developer for £100,000, which is an extraordinary amount of money.

The couple say they have already used the property for business.

They have already leased a one bedroom apartment from the owner of the property, and have rented another one bedroom for their business.

The family say the new home is going to be a ‘house of dreams’.

They have spent £2.2m on renovations, but the main aim is to renovate the apartment to their standards.

The property includes a new kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a garage, which they hope will be a great addition to their family home. 

“This is not a house of dreams.

This is a dream come true,” said the couple.