Why you should be paying attention to this big house on Oahu

It was built in 2009 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Its price tag is $8.4 million, but if you want to know what it is worth, the price is closer to $4.5 million.

That’s not the most affordable house on the island, but its the kind of house that will likely have buyers bidding on it as a bargain.

Located in a small neighborhood of Oahu’s Oahu Beach, this is the largest home on the block.

The owner, who is named Joseph, told Next Big Futures the house was built to house four people.

There is a large kitchen and a two-car garage, which can accommodate three cars.

The home is surrounded by a glassed-in backyard, which is a great place to sit and watch the sunset, said Joseph.

Joseph says he was interested in buying this house when the property was sold in 2014 for $3.8 million, and the price jumped to $5.8 in 2019.

The house was sold again in 2019 for $6.4, which was $2.7 million less.

The average price of homes on O,H and Oahu has gone up and down over the years, but this house is one of the highest priced homes on the market.

The listing was recently updated to reflect the recent sale price increase.

Joseph said he was thrilled with the price and is looking forward to moving in and starting renovations.

Joseph and his wife have two kids and are looking forward that they can move into their home.

He said he will be looking forward also to getting the new roof installed on the house.

The price tag on this house might be a little higher than the price on the home, but the house is worth more because of the unique design.

Joseph’s family moved to Hawaii from New York, and he said he thought it would be great to buy the house and live in Hawaii.

Joseph is not the only one to notice the home.

One of the more popular buyers on O H and O is an architectural firm called NOM Architects.

NOM Architect was founded in 2005 and has worked on several high-profile residential projects.

The NOM Architecture team has done a number of residential projects, including the recently completed condo on Oahoa in Waikiki.

The condo has a penthouse with a large terrace and a pool, as well as a garage.

The $8 million price tag, though, isn’t much of a shocker.

This is a residential project and the buyer will have to pay $5 million for the building, which the firm said will be a good price to pay for the design.

Another interesting development that is happening on OH and/or Oahu is the construction of the Oahu State Building.

The building, known as the OAHO State Building, is a three-story residential tower.

The state-of-the-art project is being built by a private company called the Oaholic Group.

The project is in the works for more than a decade and the firm has been building large-scale residential projects since the early 2000s.

The structure was designed by renowned architect, Richard Meier, who has also designed some of Hawaii’s most prestigious residential buildings.

Meier has been in the construction industry for decades, having worked on numerous projects.

He has designed several high profile residential buildings in the U.S. and has been a prominent architect in Hawaii, including Oahu City and Oaholani Apartments.

Meier is a long-time resident of Hawaii and was recently featured on Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Home.

Meier and the OA Architects team is working on a project in the form of a five-story, three-floor office building called the Honolulu Hotel and Suites.

The company has been working on this project for more a decade, and they plan to have it completed in 2021.

The new office building is expected to open by the end of 2021.

A lot of the current and future developments in Hawaii are going to be condos, apartments and homes, said Meier.

He and his team have also been working to bring new types of luxury homes to Hawaii.

The firm said they have designed homes that will have the luxury of being in a building that is a part of a historic district, such as the former Oahu House of Representatives, where the state’s capital is located.

The architects have been designing residences that will be on the top of the best real estate in the country, and Meier and his partners are working on designing such a home.

Meier said he and his colleagues have been very successful designing such homes, and these homes will be in the top tier of luxury properties on O and H. The design for the Honolulu hotel is going to include an infinity pool, which Meier said is a very popular amenity in Hawaii and it is a lot of fun to design.

Meier also said he hopes to build a golf course, an outdoor living space and a beach