Why a single, beautiful apartment in Manhattan is worth more than $1 million

The median price of a Manhattan apartment is $1.6 million, according to data released Thursday by real estate site Zillow.

It’s the fourth highest of the city’s six boroughs, according a Zillows report from January.

The median apartment in the Manhattan metro area is also more expensive than the average Manhattan home price, according an April report by realtor firm Urban Core.

The average Manhattan apartment in January is worth $1,726,000, according the report.

The city’s average property taxes for 2016 were $1 billion, according Zillowers.

The average New York City household pays $18,542 a year in property taxes, the report said.

The report, based on real estate listings on Zillower.com and RealTix, is a snapshot of Manhattan apartments, and includes listings on properties that are either new or sold.

It doesn’t include properties that have closed.

ZillOW has more than 5,600 real estate websites, and the real estate sites include many more properties than Zillowing does.