Juror gets $50k in real estate case

Juror who testified in the real estate trial of former Michigan Wolverines defensive end Justin Blackmon received $50,000 for her work in the trial, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Michigan said Monday.

Maurice Harris, a prosecutor in the case, wrote in a news release that Harris and the state of Michigan agreed to pay the juror for the amount of time spent on the case and the amount she earned as a trial attorney.

Harris is charged with four counts of felony fraudulently obtaining a real estate loan through a misrepresentation.

The news release didn’t specify how much the jurors salary was, but Harris was paid about $50 per hour in her capacity as a defense attorney.

The juror was not a part of the defense team, but she provided assistance throughout the trial and helped conduct a preliminary investigation into Blackmon’s possible involvement in a series of incidents in 2015, the release said.

Harris also testified during trial of two former Michigan State Spartans who were accused of stealing $3.5 million in Michigan State University savings accounts.

Prosecutors are also appealing a Michigan State Police officer’s manslaughter conviction, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

A judge on Tuesday sentenced former police officer Michael D. Johnson to life in prison for shooting and killing a homeless man during a raid in 2016.

Johnson was a former sergeant and member of the Michigan State Patrol.

He was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and was later fired from the Michigan state police.