How to get the most out of your commute

I often get asked, “How can I get the best out of my commute?”

For me, this is something I can answer in three ways: 1) Do the work.

If I have to work more than 8 hours per day, I will probably need to spend more time getting the best from my commute.

If, on the other hand, I only have to do 3-4 hours of work per day (not counting commuting time), I will save more money and have more time to explore new places.

2) If I am lucky, I might be able to do more than a couple of days of work.

Sometimes I can work up to a couple days before I have a chance to take the day off.

3) I can make use of my personal time.

By making use of some of the time I have, I can get the biggest bang for my buck.

Here are three things I have been doing lately to get more bang for the buck in my commute: 1.

Go to the grocery store.

I usually get to the supermarket in about 20 minutes, and the food is always great.

The only time I need to take a nap is if I am feeling tired.


Read a book.

I don’t have time to read everything in the bookstores, so I always try to read a book in the car.

I am usually able to find a new book every two to three days.


Go for a walk.

If you have time for a few minutes of walking around the neighborhood, you will find yourself enjoying your commute more.

You will be able have a better time in your commute.

2 weeks ago, I shared the results of a study by the Department of Transportation of Americans’ work and leisure time habits.

They found that Americans spend an average of 18 hours a day on commuting, with about 7 hours a night spent commuting.

This is an average time of 15 minutes, so the results are not as impressive as the study might lead you to believe.

I also shared this graph from the Department, which showed the number of commuters commuting at least 25 minutes a day.

They reported that in 2016, the number was at 442,000.

The most common type of commuter is the person who is an office worker who commutes to work for more than 15 minutes a week.

That is an increase of 11 percent over 2015.

2 months ago, my friend Amy (not her real name) wrote a great article about her journey to make the most of her commute.

She told me about her commute and how she was able to reduce her commute time from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes.

Her commute is pretty much a daily ritual: Every morning, she will walk from the grocery and drive to the store, where she purchases her morning food and eats it with her family.

She will then get her lunch and then drive home.

After her lunch, she then has an hour of shopping and then an hour to eat.

In the evening, she eats dinner with her friends and goes home to her house.

3 weeks ago I wrote an article about my work commute, where I share my tips on how to save money and get the maximum benefit from your commute, as well as some tips on making use in your time of the day.

Amy’s article is also available in PDF format.

I want to thank Amy for sharing her story.

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