Real estate crowdfunding in Utah: Where is it now?

Real estate fundraising is a new category in Utah.

This is due to the fact that in many states, such as New York and California, real estate crowdfunding is illegal.

As a result, in Utah, the crowdfunding platform Real Estate Funds is now operating.

Real Estate Funds offers crowdfunding for the sale of property in Utah and the surrounding areas.

The company was created by former real estate agents, realtors and property owners.

The goal of the project is to help people in need by making a contribution to their campaign.

The project is also open to individuals who want to contribute to the campaign but do not own a property.

Real Estate Fund is also accepting crowdfunding from people who are interested in purchasing property in the Utah area.

The company has a total of 20 properties that it is offering to people, according to a news release.

The property range includes one apartment, one home, and one condo.

The first three properties are available to the public, while the remaining two properties will be available to those who contribute to its fundraising campaign.

Those interested in contributing can register at